Many times clients initial reaction to a mobile client feature for a business phone system is: “We have no need for that. Our employees are in the office and are not road warriors so to speak.” However once they understand potential uses, most employees enjoy the flexibility it provides and enjoy the perks. Here are a few reasons why a mobile application is a useful tool for office workers.

  • Mobility while in the office. Whether is while in the lunch room or out in a warehouse with a mobile app you no longer have to worry about missing an important call while performing daily duties.
  • Quick view of voicemails, missed calls and call history. Gone are the days where you have to dial into your phone system in order to retrieve voicemails and missed calls. The mobile application allows you to check voicemail, many with a voicemail transcription, at any given moment.
  • Call Flip – The ability to seamlessly transfer a call from your deskphone to your mobile application. Ever “stuck” on a call when you have to go to a doctor’s appointment? Your children’s practice or game? With a mobile client you can flip your call seamlessly from your desk phone to your cell phone without the other party even aware. This can also be done in reverse, you can flip a call from your mobile client to your desk phone.

Mobile applications and functionality vary by provider. TMP Business Solutions works with over 100 Cloud PBX Providers. Give us a call and put our expertise to work for you.

Natalee Pulver
Senior Account Consultant
TMP Business Solutions