Your PBX Is Killing Your Business

Your PBX Is Killing Your Business

5 Reasons Why You Should Ditch It for the Cloud

Your traditional PBX has served you well. In all likelihood, it’s already paid for. So you have a certain incentive to stick with it. That may seem like a safe choice on the surface. After all, changing your communications system is a significant undertaking and entails a certain amount of risk. However, it may be far riskier to stay with an out-of-date and underperforming on-premises PBX.

The longer you keep your PBX system, the greater your risks and costs, including:

  • Losing ground to competitors with superior communications capabilities— just imagine what your outdated communications say about your business
  • System outages and unplanned downtime that harm your business, reputation, and profitability
  • Inability to replace critical components as dated technology reaches end of life
  • Attrition of in-house expertise required to maintain legacy infrastructure
  • High upgrade costs associated with keeping server environments up to date

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